Pellet Grill vs Pellet Smoker – What are different?

Wooden pellet grills otherwise called Pellet smokers give you the best of both worlds; much loved wood burnt flavours combined with the convenience of gas based grills. Pellet smokers work like magic, they take all the grungy work out of barbecuing, all the allergies from charcoal smoke and the grunt work of cleaning out the charcoal dust. They are far more convenient to use when compared to conventional wood fired grills. No doubt about it.

But make no mistake about it, there is a lot of intricacy involved with how a pellet smoker operates. There are a number of varieties in which pellets are available, each of which lends a distinct flavor to the barbecue. Some pellet smokers even allow you to place soaked wood chips on the diffuser plate to juice up the wooden smoke flavor. The bottomline, expert advice can help you choose the right pellet grill for your specific need.

At Best Pellet Smokers, we know (we really do know) our pellet grills. From ease of installation, temperature control, design, size of cooking area to minute details relate to the build, we know our pellet smokers like nobody else. Come to us for expert reviews, buying guides and comparison charts before buying one. You will be glad you did so.

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